IS 540658 / ISO 27001
We “Widetec” is offering the latest system solution corresponding to IT revolution and web technology to the accumulated know-how, and aims to a success by the new time and which will not contribute with future for all business.
The key to rationalization, effectiveness, and enhancement of competitiveness is appropriate use of a network server.
WIDETEC provide the consistent service such as improvement proposal, plan, design and construction, operation and maintenance, equipment sales and help desk using the know-how of large-scale network system operation and maintenance in NTT Group.
Technical Innovation, Price Innovation, Service Innovation!
We are devoted to customer satisfaction.
Now, practical use of IT is indispensable in management strategy in
a highly informative society. WIDETEC support a customer's business
powerfully providing our cutting-edge system to customers.
WIDETEC realizes an improvement of an operating process by introducing
an information system that has a real-time analysis function based on
an exact problem prediction by our expert managers, which is also helpful
in understanding the business activity.
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